Located in Canada's most diverse city, Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours is a liaison of Aboriginal culture and environmental understanding provided by nature guide Alan Colley. 

Our mission is to create a sustainable relationship with Toronto, Turtle Island (North America) and Mother Earth for generations to come.






Ahjiijaak Ndishnikaaz, Ma'iingan Dodem. 

My spirit name is Whooping Crane and I am Wolf Clan.


Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours has been a passion and dream of mine for a long time.

I have designed a company which honors our traditional way of life - but also allows for mainstream concepts of tourism and experiential learning.

 I believe we are at the point in history where we are able to teach and share with the next generations how to have a sustainable relationship with the environment. This is the focus of Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours.

My goal is to bring together our beautiful community in a way that traditionally allows for the elders, the adults, the youth and the children to come together and make a difference where the ground principles lie within the 7 Grandfather Teachings, 13 Grandmother Moon Teachings and Medicine Wheel Teachings.

I am looking forward to sharing information regarding history, the plants, the animals, the fish and the insects so that we can start looking at a healthy future in which we begin to plant those seeds now. 

Every time a participant resonates with a teaching provided on our tours - the Indigenous knowledge of my ancestors, and the ancestors of all Aboriginal peoples - is honored, because it has a chance to expand into future generations.

Those who had no idea of the sustainable lifestyles and understanding the First Peoples of what is now Toronto had, can carry with them a new connection to the natural world they live in - even if it is surrounded by a concrete jungle. 

I hope to meet and share cultural understanding, environmental respect and learn many new things from each and every participant of a Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tour!
— From Creator Alan Colley