Explore Toronto's urban wilderness from an Indigenous perspective!

We at TAET are honored to provide outdoor educational outings infused with Indigenous environmental teachings.Participants are provided with an opportunity to both share in cultural teachings and discover nature hands-on.

Our mission is to develop a relationship with Turtle Island (North America) and all her inhabitants by sharing traditional teachings through guided activities and tours.

Chi Miigwetch (Thank You) for supporting Aboriginal tourism! 

How can we help you?

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I would like to learn more about Indigenous culture and the environment - while exploring nature!

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I would like learn more about Indigenous culture and the importance of water - while fishing!

I would like to learn more about Indigenous culture - in an indoor workshop!

Meet our past participants! 


Brenda's experience with her students along the Humber River:

" Both our tours were rich, informative and engaging. It was difficult to tear ourselves away and head back to school when the tours were done.

Alan was very generous with his time and expertise, and opened our eyes to many of the natural wonders in our community. We highly recommend his tours. Miigwetch (Thank You) "

Brenda Bennett | Teacher/ Chair - Junior Division | Humbercrest Public School

 DNTO with Sook-Yin Lee (CBC Radio) goes fishing with TAET:

" Sook-Yin joins avid fisherman Alan Colley of Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours as he takes a bunch of kids fishing in Toronto's Eglinton Flats. You can hear the amazement as they reel in their first fish!

 Having grown up in foster care, Alan Colley fondly remembers the time he spent fishing and out in nature as a kid. Now, he wants to foster that love of the outdoors to as many city kids as he can, by taking them out on guided tours to thenatural areas in Toronto. "


- View Full CBC Radio Article HERE


 Join our creative TAET workshop!

- Learn from an Indigenous perspective

- Connect with cultural knowledge

- Create a take-home teacher!

" Going on the Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tour with Alan Colley was an amazing learning experience... From this trip I was able to learn about the history of the river, its relationship with everything, and it made me think about how it can be applied to my everyday life."

Student | Living at the Water's Edge Class | University of Toronto