Located in Canada's most diverse city, Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours is a liaison of Aboriginal culture and environmental understanding provided by nature guide Alan Colley. 

Our mission is to create a sustainable relationship with Toronto, Turtle Island (North America) and Mother Earth for generations to come.






Ahjiijaak Ndishnikaaz, Ma'iingan Dodem. 

My spirit name is Whooping Crane and I am Wolf Clan.


Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours has been a passion and dream of mine for a long time.

I have designed a company which honors our traditional way of life - but also allows for mainstream concepts of tourism and experiential learning.

 I believe we are at the point in history where we are able to teach and share with the next generations how to have a sustainable relationship with the environment. This is the focus of Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours.

My goal is to bring together our beautiful community in a way that allows elders, adults, youth and children to connect and make a difference with actions based on the ground principles of the 7 Grandfather Teachings, 13 Grandmother Moon Teachings and Medicine Wheel Teachings.

I am looking forward to sharing information regarding history, the plants, the animals, the fish and the insects so that we can start looking at a healthy future that we are planting seeds for in the present. 

Every time a participant resonates with a teaching provided on our tours, the Indigenous knowledge of my ancestors and the ancestors of all Aboriginal peoples is honored because it has a chance to expand into future generations.

Those who had no idea of the sustainable lifestyles and understanding that the First Peoples of what is now Toronto had, can carry with them a new connection to the natural world they live in - even if it is surrounded by a concrete jungle. 

I hope to meet and share cultural understandings and environmental respect while also learning something new from each and every participant of a Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tour!
— From Creator Alan Colley