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It was a fabulous day of discovery in nature, in the city. 

— Carolyne Cybulski | Principal | e.p.i.c. School

Introduction from student essay titled Getting Our Feet Wet: Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours:

“Toronto has been my home for the last ten years, and yet I know almost next to nothing about it. I do not know about the early history in detail, I know little about the native people who lived here, and I definitely did not know about the nine rivers and its relationship with the surrounding animals and plants...Going on the Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tour with Alan Colley was an amazing learning experience. The location was the Humber River - and from this trip I was able to learn about the history of the river, its relationship with everything, and it made me think about how it can be applied to my everyday life.”

— Student | Living at the Water's Edge Class | University of Toronto

It was a pleasure to be on the land for a whole afternoon - Alan was so generous with his time and knowledge!

— Bonnie McElhinny | Associate Professor, Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies Institute | University of Toronto

Our two Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours with Guide Alan Colley were amazing. He was patient and understanding with the students who were all captivated and excited to explore every inch of the river valley and forest we visited. Alan shared traditional aboriginal values with us and taught us how to be mindful of and grateful for our relationship with nature. He shared his extensive knowledge about the plants and animals we saw along the river and he literally and figuratively put us in touch with our natural environment.

Both our three-hour tours were rich and informative and engaging. It was difficult to tear ourselves away and head back to school when the tours were done. Alan was very generous with his time and expertise and opened our eyes to many of the natural wonders in our own community. We highly recommend his tours. Miigwetch.

— Brenda Bennett | Teacher/ Chair - Junior Division | Humbercrest Public School

Alan has an amazing and engaging way with students. They were interested in his teachings and he presented information that was relevant and important. Alan’s teaching helped my students understand Aboriginal culture in a living and real context.

— Daniel Abramson | Teacher | The Toronto Heschel School

The students and I had a fantastic day out with you today. It was truly a pleasure to have them experience something that for most of them was unfamiliar and they might not normally get a chance to do.

Lots of our kids live in high rise buildings with new immigrant families who are often busy trying to get by and they don’t often get to have these experiences. Again, thank you for your knowledge and teaching.

— Hilda Bynoe-Walker | Grade 5 Teacher | John D Parker Junior School