Please review our FAQ’s below to get caught up on all inquires you may have.

Still have a question that needs answering?

+ Where do we meet our Nature Guide? Tour Starting Points

Provided on every Tour page is a Tour Location (Where to Meet your Guide) Map.

Please be present at the START of your TOUR TIME-SLOT at the TOUR LOCATION on your booked day.

If you need any other information, please feel free to Contact Us.

+ How do we spot our Nature Guide?

Your Nature Guide will we wearing a black Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours t-shirt (with logo) and waiting enthusiastically at your tour Starting Point!

+ Do I have to make a reservation?

All TAET tours require advanced booking at least 48 hours in advance.

We recommend 2 full days to fully secure your spot and confirm all payments

However, if you require a same day tour, you can Contact Us - but we cannot guarantee availability.

+ How do I make a payment?

Hands-down, the best way to book your tour is to book online (it is simple, secure!) When booking your tour - you will be prompted to purchase.

Schools and Organizations have the option of paying via cheque (which will need to be recieved no longer than 4 weeks after scheduled Tour Date) and recieving an invoice on the date of booking confirmaion.

Please Contact Us to book your tours.

Please read our Legal page for more information.

We can also accommodate cash payment at the beginning of the tour, but you will need to Contact Us 48 hours before your desired Tour Date for a confirmation from a TAET representative.

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards/debit cards or personal checks in-person - but booking online is perfect for that!

+How much do Tours cost?

Our Nature + Fishing Tour prices are as follows:

TOURISM GROUPS = $400 per Tour

Workshops are currently only available for School groups : $250 per Workshop

+ Do Tours Run Year Round/In All Weather Conditions?

Our Nature Tour is conducted in rain, snow or shine – so please dress accordingly.

Our Fishing Tour is conducted in the:

Our Indoor Workshop runs year round!

However, events may need to be rescheduled for safety reasons.

Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours reserves the right to cancel/reschedule or cut-short any tour that is unsafe for participants.

Participants will be notified 48 hours in advance if weather conditions are predictable. Contact Us if you have any questions

+ What should I wear on my Tour?

Nature and Fishing Tours are conducted in an outdoor setting and will be conducted rain, snow or shine!

Please dress comfortably for the outdoors (2 hours) and for seasonal weather.

We recommend to wear:
For hot weather - a sun hat, comfortable breathable clothing and hiking-friendly shoes

For cold weather - warm outerwear, durable/waterproof clothing, hearty boots and warm accessories (hat, gloves and scarf)

+ What should I bring on my Tour?

We recommend a bottle of water is always handy - as is a camera, snacks (which are permitted during Tours) and a great attitude!

+ Can I record the tour (video/audio)?

No video or audio recordings are permitted during our tours.


Photographs are welcome! Please just confirm with your tour-mates if they would like to be included in your shots, but otherwise - snap away!

+ Are Tours Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible?

Due to the outdoor setting of our Nature and Fishing Tours, and the interactive experience we provide (which may take participants off-path and require some hiking) our Nature and Fishing Tours may not be wheelchair accessible. We do spend some time on pathed routes - but we cannot guarentee this.

If you would like to book an outdoor wheelchair tour - please contact us. We would love to accommodate your unique group.

We do however provide our Workshop which is designed to meet all participants needs and also a nature focused experience.

+ Are Tours safe for children?

Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours has been fortunate enough to provide Tours of all kinds to many student groups in both elementary and middle school grades.

Children thrive in outdoor settings and soak up the beauty of nature while retaining the knowledge behind cultural teachings and the memory of thier outing.

Children of all ages are welcome - but must be attended by a parent, guardian or school/organizational leader during the tour in order to ensure their safety.